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Caring about Your Family Well-Being

We protect the health and assets of our clients.

We are an organization with more than 20 years of experience. Specializing in advising families and companies in financial planning to successfully face events in life. With our headquarters in the United States and present in eight countries, Co-Plan Group has a partnership with the main insurance and risk management companies with a leading position in the market.


We cover the domestic sector of the American Union and internationally, with a platform of multidisciplinary allies that add value to our proposals.

"At Co-Plan Group we are prepared to provide quality service and warmth to our clients".


We are a professional working team, trained in the necessary processes of providing a top priority level of care!


We commit to maintaining a long term relationship of equity and representation between you and the companies.


Offering quality services to maintain a technological platform allowing 24-hour access to you. 

Growing as a working team in multiple cultures around the world, thus consolidating ourselves as a pioneer company in asset protection and risk management services.



With the support from the  insurance industry at a First Level International level, consolidated with maintaining healthy relationships and constant renewal allows us to be at the forefront of innovations in services and products in the Personal Insurance Branch.

A professional work team, committed to excellence.

Offering a consulting service along with the client, analyzing their needs and providing products adapted to their reality and budget.

Monitoring annually the renewals of those insured, thus guaranteeing the persistence over time and the consolidation of the benefits of each product.

Join Our Team

Co-Plan Group is a company that offers professional, experienced guidance to those seeking employment in the industry. We have professionals from all around America who are ready and willing to provide you with an excellent education so your success can be ours too!

Join our team here at Co-Plan Group; we've been working together from more than 20 years ago,  when this start up got its fingers dirty for the first time as they made promises about creating opportunities unlike anything else seen before or after it - And boy did these guys deliver on every single one of them (with over two decades worth)! 

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We Take Pride in Our Numbers




Business Partners


Products Installed


Countries World Wide



Our agency offers a global business opportunity for new agents. With continuous training, direct contract with main companies, and individual virtual offices with robust platforms.

We have one of the most complete compensation plans in the industry, job stability, persistence over time, short-term promotion possibilities, and an excellent work team.

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