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Consulting services

Identify together with the client a questionnaire of personal needs, in order to provide effective and accurate advice.

Medical Expense Plans

Offering international and national medical expense plans, covering major medical expenses and outpatient expenses.

Special Risks

Co-Plan Group is associated with the main protection companies in the world specialized in covering international risks of loss of people and cybernetic information.


We are Professionals in the area with access to a reliable and robust database subscribed by Lloys de Londres.

Complementary Plans

To complement the financial protection of families, individuals and companies.


Co-Plan Group has products that replace the unearned income in the event of absence from work due to accidents or illnesses, so that our policyholders focus on the most important thing, their recovery.


Dental and visual health, in addition to access to Doctors by Video or telephone, make the Complementary plans the best option for peace of mind.

Investment Plans

Investment plans, annuities and retirement, with benefits in life, loans and withdrawal of money at any time of the plan.

Travel Assistance Plans

Travel insurance, aimed at covering health eventualities, when clients leave their country of residence, trips per day, annual multi-trip and long-stay. (short term care)

Life policies

Life insurance is the most noble protection and security instrument created by man. Each minimum contribution that you invest in your life insurance, serves to provide financial resources to your family in the event that you are absent. 


In addition to accumulating savings that can be used for any need or project that arises.

Disability Plans​

Disability and long-term care plans, aimed at replacing lost income due to temporary or permanent disability.

Financial Advisory

Financial advice, under the terms of the law, when it applies to the growth of money.


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