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Caring about Your Family Well-Being

Rafael Chiquito is an integral part of the Co-Plan Group family. He's always there for whatever you need, whether it be to answer questions about your policy or help with something else entirely!

Jose Chiquito is a hardworking agent who has been with us since day one. His dedication to every client and willingness show up at any time makes him stand out as an all-around great guy!

This agent will go above and beyond any reasonable expectations- which makes him someone worth idolizing.


Consulting services

Identify together with the client a questionnaire of personal needs, in order to provide effective and accurate advice.


Complementary Plans

Co-Plan Group has products that replace the unearned income in the event of absence from work due to accidents or illnesses, so that our policyholders focus on the most important thing, their recovery.


Life policies

Life insurance is the most noble protection and security instrument created by man. Each minimum contribution that you invest in your life insurance, serves to provide financial resources to your family in the event that you are absent. 


Investment Plans

Investment plans, annuities and retirement, with benefits in life, loans and withdrawal of money at any time of the plan.

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Insurance Professional

We’ll collaborate, co-create and act as partners in your prosperity.

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We protect the health and assets of our clients.

"At Co-Plan Group we are prepared to provide quality service and warmth to our clients".

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